Rebel Spark was "ignited" from my passion for colour & texture, and from discovering the joy of expression through paint.     

As I find and explore who I am or who I want to be, my emotions come onto the canvas as I feel them. Happiness, anger, sadness, strength, calm.   I never know what abstract piece I will create when I pick up a brush, a knife, a sponge....but I don't need to know.  The joy is in the journey.

For me, each painting has a resonance, a feeling, a memory.   Wanting to share my creations through more than just paintings, I decided to use my designs to make functional products for every day use.   Each collection holds just a little bit of my life. 

As a Canadian, I am proud that all my products are made here. My values of honesty and integrity makes quality critical to everything I do.   If I would not accept it, I will not sell it.    

As I continue on the journey to become my authentic self, I hope that these expressions of my journey will inspire others.